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Municipalities are vulnerable to cyberattacks with devastating consequences, but they lack key information to evaluate their own risk and compare their security posture to peers. We work with municipalities and their insurance pools to understand the state of cyber defense and develop risk models that municipalities can use to evaluate their own security.

Combined Shape

Financial Services

We work with financial service firms to build industry risk measurement frameworks and models. We also host a regular industry conference with the US Federal Reserve System on measuring cyber risk.

Combined Shape

Legal Services

We work with industry groups of law firms to help the industry better understand their overall security posture and track progress over time and develop risk models for the industry.


Cryptographic Platforms

We develop cryptographic computation platforms that allow data to be analyzed while remaining locked and undisclosed. Our SCRAM platform uses multi-party computation / homomorphic encryption to process data securely and safely.


Cloud Security

Joint with with IBM developing a framework for benchmarking cloud security focused on the financial service industry.


Security Policy

Our research builds frameworks for quantifying information about security posture and losses as an input for data-centric policymaking.

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