Cybersecurity benchmarking and ROI analytics without own-data disclosure

Want to understand the big picture? Learn how SCRAM works and how it can help you improve your security without disclosing your own sensitive data.

Improve your security without disclosure

SCRAM provides security benchmarking and return-on-security-investment data so organizations can better protect their networks, prioritize their security investments, calculate their risk, and improve the state of global cybersecurity.
Built at MIT by world-leading cryptographers, risk specialists, and cybersecurity experts, the SCRAM platform provides a safe way to aggregate sensitive cybersecurity defense and loss data and improve our security without requiring organizations to disclosure their own sensitive data. We work with leading organizations and firms across sectors to tackle some of the hardest questions in cybersecurity. We use MIT privacy-preserving technologies to build new cyber risk parameters and benchmarks for security control prioritization, benchmarking, and risk modeling.

Join with us to privately and securely benchmark your organization’s cybersecurity posture against peers without disclosing your data to any outside party, including MIT. Use the results privately to identify strengths and weaknesses of your organization and prioritize your security investments.
Q: How can my organization benchmark our security readiness and risk without revealing sensitive data to a third party?

A: Participate in MIT’s secure SCRAM assessments.

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