Cybersecurity benchmarking and ROI analytics without own-data disclosure

What We Do

SCRAM provides security benchmarking and return-on-security-investment data to CISOs and CFOs so they can better protect their networks, direct security investments, and improve the state of global cybersecurity. The SCRAM cryptographic platform aggregates data from firms without requiring any firm to disclose their own sensitive data to anyone. Born and built at MIT by world-leading cryptographers, risk specialists, and cybersecurity experts, the SCRAM platform provides a safe way to aggregate sensitive cybersecurity defense and loss data in order to understand the state of cybersecurity and guide firm-level security investments.

Join a computation privately and securely to benchmark your defensive posture and get actionable data to prioritize security investments.

Defense Benchmarking and Risk Parameters 2021

Who’s it for?

Ransomware Defenses 2021

Who’s it for?

Use case: Benchmarking (CISO)

Our benchmarking platform allows organizations to compare their security defense posture to other organizations both within an industry and across the entire market by using over 100 security controls. SCRAM benchmarks enable organization to identify potential gaps in defensive coverage and evaluate the adoption of emerging technologies and defensive strategies.

What you’ll learn:

Use case: Return on investment (CISO, CFO)

SCRAM’s return on investment data helps CISOs and CFOs guide security investments toward security controls with the largest real-world monetary losses resulting from successful attacks. Participating organizations receive actionable intelligence and rankings detailing aggregated losses by security control that they can use to target specific security investments.

What you’ll learn: